Friday, 16 February 2018

term 1 goals

term 1 goals

  • i want improve  two sub levels
  • i want to get good grades 
  • i want be high in maths

new events

 new events
last Wednesday we had our first day of school mrs elia provided us in to different classes

we had are first swimming lesson with Mrs Elia .we did backstrokes paddling.we had people from other classes swimming with us

 We were supposed to have water fun day but it was cancelled because of the bad weather instead we had swimming.

And on Monday we had music lesson with Mr Kim we
used triangles maracas drums cacklers.

on Tuesday we had our first day of kiwi can. we played fun games and talked
about encouragement.

on Thursday we had our kiwi sport we were playing volleyball. we
practised passing and ready possession.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Being sunsmart

this week we have been studying about being sun smart.this is what i have learnt about being sun smart.

Friday, 22 September 2017

glen braes Duffy role model assembly

Glen Braes duffy role model assembly

On monday 19 th we had a duffy role model assembly. The whole school came to the assembly. We were all waiting for our guest to arrive. We were all waiting quietly.

When she arrived she came with the school leaders aliyanah , loto and luisa.first loto introduced our guest niva retimanu. Niva retimanu lives in invercargill. She is a samoan but she was born in new zealand. She is a journalist a news reporter. After that luisa thanked her.

Then she read us a story called kiss kiss yuck yuck. And then after that we gave out the duffy books. The person that got the book from are class was candice. After they handed out the books we sang the duffy book song.

After the duffy role model assembly i felt happy and great because i liked the story she read and i liked singing the duffy song.