Friday, 25 May 2018

Pricewatershouse coopers

Monday to Thursday the pricewaterhouse coopers came to our school to teach
us how to be trustworthy and how to save your money.
I hope that pricewaterhouse
coopers come back to our school to teach us more about saving money and how to borrow.

Friday, 18 May 2018

room 10 2018 blogs

                                      SAILING TRIP

On tuesday the 15th of May , went on a trip to okahu bay for sailing.
Some of room 10 went and some of room 9 and 7 went.

First of all a man named justin showed us all how to set
up a sailing boat , then we did what he did.

After we pushed the boats in the water and starte to sail.
After we put the boats in the water we started to do to races around the shore.

After we went off for lunch. After lunch we went back on our boats.
Then we were going very far it was scary because it was so deep and we thought we were going to drown but we made it back to shore.

After we went off to change into are warm close.
And the my sister Telesia thanked the instructors.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Holi festival


Thursday, 1 March 2018

Finding out about each other ?

 Finding out about each other

Our class is doing activities about the 2018 New Zealand census. Today we investigated about the languages spoken in our class. This is what we found out
1.What languages do i speak. ?
2.what languages do i speak at home. ?
English Tongan
3. How many of us speak Maori. ?
4. How many of us speak one languages. ?
6 many of us speak more than one languages. ?
17-English Maori Samoan Tongan CI Maori Fijian Hindi

Friday, 16 February 2018

term 1 goals

term 1 goals

  • i want improve  two sub levels
  • i want to get good grades 
  • i want be high in maths

new events

 new events
last Wednesday we had our first day of school mrs elia provided us in to different classes

we had are first swimming lesson with Mrs Elia .we did backstrokes paddling.we had people from other classes swimming with us

 We were supposed to have water fun day but it was cancelled because of the bad weather instead we had swimming.

And on Monday we had music lesson with Mr Kim we
used triangles maracas drums cacklers.

on Tuesday we had our first day of kiwi can. we played fun games and talked
about encouragement.

on Thursday we had our kiwi sport we were playing volleyball. we
practised passing and ready possession.