Friday, 20 October 2017

Being sunsmart

this week we have been studying about being sun smart.this is what i have learnt about being sun smart.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Goosebumps 1 ghost in the house

                                    Goosebumps 1
One windy and stormy night . there were two little kids . there names were tom and veronica. They were to scared of the noises  outside so they slept in there parents room. In the morning they woke up and noticed that there parents were missing. So they tried calling the police but they had no idea where their parents were.

After that they put up flyers that said are parents are missing and a photo of their parents. So they went all over town looking for them but their was no sign of them anywhere. The police searched their house. And they found two dead bodies. They were there parents.

When tom and veronica looked at them they started to cry. At there parents funeral the were very sad when they died after the funeral they wanted to find out who killed their parents they searched the house . when they went into the house someone closed the door veronica said why did you close the door were locked now !. and tom said i didn't shut the door . veronica said then who did ?. suddenly they heard a noise on the other side of the room. It was coming from the closet.

They realised that a ghost killed their parents so they opened the window and jumped out . they were heading to the police station. Veronica tripped and bruised her ankle so tom picked her up and helped to get up they were nearly at the police station. They were rushing but tom dropped veronica tom sacrificed himself for veronica.

Tom started fighting the ghost . the ghost and tom disappeared. Veronica was crying after she went back home.

The end

By. tu’inukuea

Friday, 22 September 2017

glen braes Duffy role model assembly

Glen Braes duffy role model assembly

On monday 19 th we had a duffy role model assembly. The whole school came to the assembly. We were all waiting for our guest to arrive. We were all waiting quietly.

When she arrived she came with the school leaders aliyanah , loto and luisa.first loto introduced our guest niva retimanu. Niva retimanu lives in invercargill. She is a samoan but she was born in new zealand. She is a journalist a news reporter. After that luisa thanked her.

Then she read us a story called kiss kiss yuck yuck. And then after that we gave out the duffy books. The person that got the book from are class was candice. After they handed out the books we sang the duffy book song.

After the duffy role model assembly i felt happy and great because i liked the story she read and i liked singing the duffy song.